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Jonnie Peacock MBE

Double Paralympic T44 100m Champion


6 October 2016Nagging doubts over my Rio gold

I ’M so proud to have retained my Paralympic T44 100metres title but the one thing nagging at me is that I could have gone faster. My time of 10.81seconds may have been a Games record but really I had my eyes on Richard Browne’s world record of 10.61sec.

It turned out to be a slow-ish race. I thought there would be five or six of us dipping under 11 seconds but in the end it was just me.

It has been said the Olympic Stadium track is fast when the sun’s on it. So in the evenings — like in my final — it proved slower.

The times don’t compute. The track surface may just have let me down a little bit as I wanted to go faster. I was in better form than 10.81. My coach Dan Pfaff reckons it is more of a middle-distance track.

But the nice thing was after the race I just wanted to go again. That shows me the desire is there for more at the IPC World Championships on home turf in London next year.

I’m being asked a lot about what the next few years hold and I had said I’d been looking at taking a break in 2018. That was before I was reminded there is a Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast in 2018! If my event is included, I could well re-evaluate that decision to rest.

‘After the race I just wanted to go again, that shows me the desire is still there’

I probably do need a break but next year in London has the potential to be an incredible event on the track where I won 2012 gold.

I just hope Paralympic success in Rio has restored the appetite among organisers for big disability events in the UK. On one occasion, more people were watching Channel 4’s Paralympics coverage than the X Factor and that is something I never thought I’d say.

Rio was not without its challenges and I’d been told the stadium had sold out, but then I found out they had stopped selling tickets in the top tier at all.

It was always going to be hard to top London but credit to the fans that did come out. They certainly made plenty of noise.

Jonnie Peacock supports the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Paralympic Challenge, which introduced 2.5 million young people to four Paralympic sports, with 8,000 schools signing up to receive free equipment. Find out more at:ActiveKidsParalympicChallenge.co.uk

Source: https://edition.metro.news/content/20161005.am/htmlpages/398315.html