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Jonnie Peacock MBE

Double Paralympic T44 100m Champion


27 April 2017Bobsleigh team's the steel deal

I’M at the stage of my training programme where I’m eager to get my outdoor season started. It’s a heavy phase of training and right now I’m out in Formia, Italy, for some warm-weather preparation ahead of the summer.

It’s my first winter back on the programme after I rejoined my lead coach Dan Pfaff last year and it’s very different to the schedule I’d been on previously.

I know it sounds strange for a runner but there’s a lot more running, basically. A lot more. It can be quite draining but nothing a Nando’s dinner won’t sort out!

I feel a much stronger athlete than I was at the end of last year, which is great news. You never know, though, and the proof is in the pudding when you race. Hopefully I’ll be proved right, that I’m on the right road, when I open my season at the Loughborough International on May 21. I just can’t wait to open up.

My times are looking decent and I’ll be working on speed while I’m out in Italy for two weeks, tapering down and getting ready to compete.

I’ve got a great training group out here with me — like my other coach Mike Khmel, who also works as a performance coach for British Bobsleigh. Joel Fearon and Greg Cackett, who are also out here with me, are on the bobsleigh programme as well as sprinting.

It’s interesting for me to be around them. Joel’s 9.96seconds puts him third on the British all-time list for 100metres and he’s flying at the moment. Greg, too, has done a world championships in bobsleigh.

There’s massive correlation between sprinting and bobsleigh. They push harder but the first 30 or 40 metres are identical. They’re very tough in bobsleigh.

They’re used to difficult conditions and have a different mentality to us out-and-out sprinters, who are a bit more protected, shall we say. I can safely say, with two sports to take care of, they don’t get as much time off as the track-and-field athletes.

No surprise Browne back to defend London crown

MY old adversary Richard Browne opened his season last week, running in the 200m, but not particularly quickly, and then recording 11.14sec for the 100m.

I never believed for a second he was retiring, as he stated last year. He’s the T44 world champion so wants to come and defend his title in London.

He’s different but I don’t mind that. He may not be my cup of tea but he’s a great competitor.

It’s just a shame Liam Malone, silver medallist behind me at the Paralympics last year, is out of London with injury. We sat and chatted on the bus after the race in Rio and he is a cool guy who I have a lot of respect for. He’ll be back next year.

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