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Jonnie Peacock MBE

Double Paralympic T44 100m Champion


8 December 2017Shropshire schoolboy Thomas, 6, runs with Paralympics hero Jonnie Peacock

Thomas McIntyre had his foot and ankle amputated at the age of just one after being born with PFFD.

The condition, which stands for proximal femoral focal deficiency, meant that the Much Wenlock Primary School pupil's bone and hip did not develop properly.

He also went on to have surgery to remove part of his thigh bone and reconstruct his hip.

But in September, just before his sixth birthday, the sports mad youngster was fitted with a running blade – putting him on track to be a future Paralympian star.

And at the weekend, Thomas got picked to run a relay with 2016 Rio gold medallist and Strictly star Jonnie Peacock at the Superhero Series Winter Wonderwheels event.

Proud mother Caroline McIntyre, 46, from Bourton, said: "Thomas was born with a condition called PFFD, which meant that his right thigh bone and hip did not develop properly.

"Due to the difference in leg length, my husband and I had to make the hard decision to have his foot and ankle amputated when he was one so that he could be fitted with a prosthesis.

"​When I saw that there was an opportunity to apply to run alongside some of his heroes we went for it.

"A few weeks later we were delighted to hear that he had been selected to run alongside one of the celebrities and then found that Tom had been selected to start the relay for Jonnie Peacock's team."

The event, which happened on Sunday, took place at Dorney Lake in Buckinghamshire – the same venue where the Olympic and Paralympic rowing took place.

Other Paralympic stars including the likes of David Weir also took the time to meet Thomas and take photographs with him.

Mrs McIntyre said her son was "running around the house screaming" when he found out he'd be running with Peacock.

"He had the most fantastic day – it's made our year," she said. "Tom ran the first kilometre alongside his dad James and then ran back to the finish line so that he could join Jonnie and the rest of the team in crossing the line.

"Jonnie was so kind taking time to talk to him and have lots of photos taken, he also introduced him to other stars such as the great David Weir.

"I found out about it about eight weeks ago. I thought there'd be no chance when I applied – then we heard he'd been selected for one of the celebrity teams.

"Tom and I were dancing around the kitchen when we found out it was Jonnie Peacock. He'd been watching him in the Paralympics and then on Strictly. I always said he's going to be Paralympian and now it's come true.

"We've always made sure he's watched the Paralympic games, we try to encourage him to do as much sport as possible."

In a heart-warming message from Jonnie to Thomas, he said: "Thank you for being in my team, you had a great sprint finish and I hope you show off your medal to everyone in assembly! Always keep smiling! Best of luck for all your sport in the future! Keep running!"

The family have applied and are now in training to take part in the Superhero Series Tri event next year.

For more information about the event go to superheroseries.co.uk

Souce: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/health/2017/12/08/shropshire-schoolboy-thomas-6-runs-with-paralympics-hero-jonnie-peacock/#z6whrodA3MSYxLxD.99