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Jonnie Peacock MBE

Double Paralympic T44 100m Champion


9 September 2012Paralympic Diary:

Sunday I have my leg off for the whole morning because I've got a spot on it. It's a hair follicle infection, and it's quite sore because it's on my stump, which is weight bearing. I sit in the village getting bored and my motivation starts to go down. Then [GB javelin thrower] Scott Moorhouse and [sprinter] Richard Whitehead say they're going to the stadium, so I go with them. I watch David Weir win the 5,000 metres. The atmosphere is so incredible that it really lifts me and makes me want to compete.

Monday My last rest day. I wake up at about 11 and have my leg off almost all day. I watch a bit of the Paralympics and then put on a bit of E4 to take my mind off it. Just some light comedy to let my brain mellow down until I go to the food hall for dinner. I have some steak and veg and a little bit of rice. I go to bed at about midnight and can't sleep until 2am. I keep thinking about what will happen if I win and what will happen if I don't.

Tuesday I do a small warm-up to get the legs ticking over. Not much impact stuff but just enough to get ready for my heat. I go back to my apartment and chill out. It's time to start focusing. I get back at around eight in the evening. I put Scrubs on my computer to get me to sleep, but it doesn't work. It takes me hours to get to sleep. At least the beauty of an event in the evening is I don't have to be up early.

Wednesday I'm in a bit of a crazy mood today. I'm so relaxed that I see some friends and get really hyper. I probably expend too much energy. I get to the track an hour before my heat and start warming up. I sit around chatting and laughing with my coach. Everything feels good. When I get to my blocks I just keep thinking 'Wow, I'm finally here.' I lose my focus for a minute because it is really surreal.

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